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Blessing For Dads

God created the family and the roles of mother and father as a reflection of who He is. Thank you for the ways you have shown God’s Father-heart. You have demonstrated God’s strength, wisdom, and protection. I am proud to call you Dad.

While you may have felt at times that your identity is what you do, be blessed to hear your Father speak to you of your true identity. You are the beloved, deeply loved and cherished by God simply because of who you are. You are a delight to Him.

No one can fully appreciate the heavy weight you carry of being provider and protector. Allow God to strengthen and sustain you in all the pressures of stewarding your family. Receive His Spirit of wisdom and understanding, so that you take only His yoke upon you. His yoke is easy, and His burden is light. You can be confident
in His ability and presence to work in everything that concerns you. You have His favor and blessing as a shield.

So much of what you do is not seen by others. Be blessed to know that God sees everything. Receive the hope of His reward for the many hours spent working, praying, serving, and loving your family (Matt. 6:18). May God richly bless you for many thankless tasks and just plain hard work. Hear your Father say of you, “Well
done, good and faithful servant. I love you. You are my son. I am well pleased with you” (Matt. 25:23; Matt. 3:17).

You are a father to both physical and spiritual children. Many benefit from the gift of who you are. May every godly seed that you have planted in the lives of others bear fruit in multiplied ways. You are making a larger impact than you can comprehend. Be at peace knowing your generational legacy is secure. God shows His love to a thousand generations of those who love Him and keep His commandments. Stay faithful to who God has made you to be, and He will do the rest. Be blessed as you carry the blessing of His presence with you every place you go.

Taken from Sylvia Gunter’s book Blessings For Life: Words Of Hope And Healing, pg 58 © Sylvia Gunter, 2017

Blessings For Life includes a biblical foundation of spirit, soul, and body and blessing the human spirit, 50 blessings for yourself and your family, and an appendix of verses on the human spirit and answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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