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Kimberly Roddy is the producer and co-host of The Father’s Business Podcast and brings her expertise to the forefront as our conference coordinator for events. She is a consultant, speaker, and Professional Mediator (AACC). As a twenty-year student ministry veteran, Kimberly is passionate about the next generation and the Church. Her greatest desire is to support others as they become all they were designed to be in Christ. She graduated from Samford University and received her Master of Divinity from Southwestern Theological Seminary.

Through her background in Religious Leadership and Organization and her years of experience working with families, teams, and individuals, Kimberly longs to see people and organizations thrive. Kimberly started her own business in 2017, Kimberly Roddy, LLC, as a means of effective conflict resolution. Her goal is to equip and assist others to be transformed by encouraging peace with God, self, and others.

Conflict can occur in individuals, families, and teams. Kimberly coaches individuals to gain perspective and clarify their identity to work toward personal wholeness. She is brilliant at bridging the communication gap in the family system. When intergenerational conflict challenges families and teams, Kimberly can facilitate healthy dialogue and support collaboration and wholeness. Kimberly Roddy is not just a mediator; she is a catalyst for transformation, committed to seeing people and organizations thrive.