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What may seem like a few simple words can bring hope and healing to very dry ground in yourself and others. That is what blessing the spirit is all about. As you bless your spirit and the spirit of others, you are nourishing what God has already planted deep inside.

This books contains a short teaching on the biblical foundation for blessing your spirit, soul, and body and 50 blessings of hope and healing for all of life. Some of the titles are

  • Identity
  • Belonging
  • Worth
  • Peace
  • Ministry of Jesus
  • Physical Healing
  • Hope In Disappointment
  • Healing From Trauma
  • Forgiveness
  • Direction
  • Favor
  • Wedding
  • Marriage
  • WifeHusband
  • Daughter
  • Son
  • Mom-and-Dad-To-Be
  • Baby
  • Adoption
  • Birthday
  • Friend

What People Are Saying About Blessings For Life 

“I love the Blessings for Life book!! It’s a wonderful resource full of beautiful blessings for a variety of needs all perfectly ordered  in one place. The teachings on spirit, soul and body make it a perfect way to share with others! LOVE!!”

“I lost my precious husband on Good Friday. In my grief I have been reading Blessings For Life. It helped me to realize the power of God’s blessings and the meaning of these as well as how they apply to me personally. The book has helped me to focus on the positive aspects of my faith instead of the pain of my grief. It has led me to the Word and helped me to journal with a focus on a future with a purpose even though I have no idea what it is.  Thank you!”

“Easy to read and love the book size truly a blessing indeed.”

“I have been extremely blessed by Blessings For Life as I have come to a greater understanding of being in proper alignment with my spirit, soul, and body with the Holy Spirit. This has deepened my relationship with my loving heavenly Father. I have handed out multiple copies and plan on ordering more in the future.”

“Blessings For Life is a treasure from our Father’s heart. The gracious words of blessing that flow from His Word through the spirits of Sylvia and Elizabeth will renew, refresh, and restore the weak, broken and hurting among us as well as uplift those who use these blessings to encourage others.”

“Blessings For Life reminds me we need to speak blessings over ourselves more often. Such an important Biblical concept. Thanks, Sylvia and Elizabeth, for the specific blessings for other folks, too. I have already shared several copies with dear friends and they, too, like your new book.”

“I have already found Blessings For Life powerful for me and shared with a friend whose husband suddenly passed ( comfort for those who mourn)… a friend with cancer (physical healing),and a family member  looking for job(direction), and a weary friend ( whole book). All I know for sure is that this little book is full of God’s strong sweet words that go straight to the heart! I love to gift with books and this one just went to the top of my “share” list.  BTW don’t go to bed without the night watch blessing!”

1 review for Blessings For Life

  1. Marf Rodenbeck

    A very dynamically effective tool for refreshing your own or others spirits in THE HOLY SPIRIT! Great tool in these days of increasing darkness in a ” dry and weary land”! Just what we need …” cleansing and restoration!! Easy to carry along for sharing.

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