Elizabeth Gunter Powell, a woman with long hair smiling outdoors.

As the driving force behind The Father's Business, Elizabeth is a passionate advocate for understanding one's true identity in Christ. She is also a speaker and the creative mind behind Ruach Journey. She is the co-author of three books: "Safe In the Father's Heart," "Blessings For Life," and “Free To Be You.”

Her journey in ministry has taken her across both the United States and Eastern Europe. Her unwavering passion transcends borders and cultures, fueled by the desire to guide others on their journey of understanding and embracing the fullness of who God is and who they are in Him.

Whether in ministry or through her written words, she strives to encourage individuals to live from a heart that is fully alive, in alignment with the abundant life that Jesus came to offer. Elizabeth is an alumna of Auburn University and holds a Master's degree from Dallas Theological Seminary.

Beyond her professional pursuits, Elizabeth finds joy in the simple pleasures of life. Her favorite spot in the world is anywhere there is a swing. She values deep conversations with good friends, thrives on the excitement of traveling to new places, and indulges in the pleasure of savoring a good piece of dark chocolate. In a nod to her mother, Sylvia, Elizabeth also shares a love for recreational napping, embracing the importance of rest.