Meet Sylvia Gunter

SylviaGunterSylvia’s priority in her devotional times and Bible study continues to be seeking the heart of God (Psalm 27:4) not more knowledge, not learning about prayer, or even learning about God. She seeks Him to personally know Him better, love Him more, enjoy Him, be satisfied in Him, and be changed by beholding Him. Out of that, she encourages a deeper relationship with God through prayer and seeks to equip the body of Christ for intercession through these prayer resources.

Over the past 30 years, Sylvia Gunter has led groups, spoken, led retreats, done prayer counseling, and faced individual prayer challenges. All of Sylvia’s resources are developed in prayer in real life situations in response to real needs. Believers around the world have graciously said that God has used these materials to encourage, strengthen, comfort, and equip them for deeper relationship with Him and effective intercession.

Prayer Portions and For The Family was the first overflow of those experiences. Then God led Sylvia through her own back-side-of-the-desert experience, from which Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence is the overflow. Sylvia’s spiritual journey is evident in the “Intimacy With God” section. You can trace God’s footprints in the healing prayers in the “Intercession” section. You can trace the source of her strength in the “Word Of God” section. God’s new depth for her is visible in the “Worship” and “Repentance And Revival” sections. His new arenas where He wants to reveal Himself as Mighty Warrior can be seen in the “Spiritual Warfare” sections.

Sylvia lives in Birmingham with her husband John, now retired from his position as a telecommunications executive. They have three adult children (Charley, David, and Elizabeth), and two grandkids (Richmond and Margie Louise).