Living In The Fullness Of The Trinity


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God the Father is a deep root, the Son is the shoot that breaks forth into the world, and the Spirit is that which spreads beauty and fragrance.  (Tertullian ca. 160-220 AD)

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The blessed reality is that Father, Son and Holy Spirit live within us in the present tense. The focus of my spirit is to align with the Trinity and fellowship in the Father, Son and Spirit, where all the love, light, and energy dwell among them. One writer said, “I want to be able to take my Trinitarian understanding into my daily life, into my praying and living.” Amen to that! All of God is available to us in all the perfections of all his Person.

Living In The Fullness Of The Trinity is a step on your journey deeper into the heart of God. Enrich your relationship with each Person of the Trinity and savor the richness of the Three in relationship with one another. See the weaving together of the Three like a tapestry all your days.

In Trinity praying, we can feel completeness in talking to God in his completeness. This book is an invitation into the rich harmonies, the triune-ness of God. Each one brings his own Person to the relationship. When we let the fullness of God take root in our spirit, it will produce fruit in our heart, mind, soul and body.

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