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Finding The Father’s Love You Always Wanted

As you look back on your life it may be difficult to hear that God is a loving Father. Even if you grew up with a good father, he was not perfect. No father is.  God desires to heal the wounded places and open your eyes to experience what your true Father is like. He is strong. He is kind. He is wise. He is caring. He is near. Most importantly, He is for you. Always.

This is an invitation to wholeness, peace, and joy as you begin to live in the fullness of God’s delight in you as His child. This book is Sylvia’s story of discovering and experiencing the Father heart of God. Her prayer is that by sharing her story, God may speak to the hearts of many. God our Father is powerful enough to create the universe and personal enough to delight in you His child. He is waiting to show you the depths of His love for you.

Click here to read an interview with Sylvia Gunter about this work (PDF)

1 review for Safe In The Father’s Heart

  1. Marf Rodenbeck

    Healing treasure for anyone who didn’t feel “safe”in a fathers heart..for any reason. and sweet restoration to our Abba Father’s heart. I have given to many people and seen sweet impact.. I had a loving daddy, but still found ABBA treasures here.

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