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Prayer Portions is no longer Spiral Bound. It is printed as a perfect bound book (see product image).

9″ x 11″ — 366 pages,

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Prayer Portions has gone into over 135 countries. It is a resource/training manual for all who are seeking the Father’s heart and asking “Lord, teach me to pray.”

Prayer Portions represents several years of experience in God’s School of Prayer. These are rich, lifelong resources for developing a lifestyle of praying without ceasing.

Since Prayer Portions was published, the positive feedback has been more than overwhelming about the blessing of new intimacy with God and more power in prayer. When God meets His children in His Word, it becomes the inspiration and language of their prayers.

God will use Prayer Portions to help you see, understand, believe, receive, and enter into His kingdom designs through prayer with deeper commitment. Prayer Portions includes sections entitled Praise, Repentance, Warfare, Personal, Intercession, and Amen.

Click Here to read the Outline of Contents (PDF)

Praise – 20 portions
365 Names Of God
The Father Heart Of God
Inner Court Ministry To God

Repentance – 19 portions
“Little Foxes” Of Sin
Let Me Know Your Ways
Desperation For Revival
Heart-Searching For Personal Revival

Warfare – 30 portions
Praise As Warfare
Lift High The Lord Our Banner
The Jezebel Controlling Spirit
The Saul Controlling Spirit

Personal – 28 portions
Set The Captives Free
Guide To Falling In Love With Jesus
Who You Are In Christ

Intercession – 56 portions
Prayer That Hits The Mark
Praying When You Don’t Know What To Pray
Taking Our Cities For God
Seven Blessings For Families

Amen – 5 portions
Sit, Soak, And Sour
Acts 2:42 Vision For Youth Ministry

10 reviews for Prayer Portions

  1. Sue Webster

    I have had and used this book for years. It is the best compilation of scriptures by subject of life necessity I have ever used

  2. John Hard

    A number of years ago I went through a season of deep spiritual awakening. During that time I stumbled across this book. I literally devoured it, reading sections over and over as God began to open my eyes to marvelous new insights. It had a profound impact on me and I would heartily recommend it to anyone searching for more in their relationship with Jesus.

  3. Marf Rodenbeck

    My first taste of Sylvia Gunter’s work was Prayer Portions. A very essential book to learn to pray GOD’S WORD.. and have it go deep !!

  4. Joan Mast

    Best prayer, repentance, freedom and forgiveness resource I’ve ever seen! A vital companion to a Prayer Retreat, corporate or personal!!!


    I have had my book for over 10 years and i love it. I posted on my Facebook page and people went crazy. This book will have you praying in power

  6. Robert Negron

    This book is a masterpiece. So rich with pertinent topics for every Christian. I went through this book with a group of men as a young believer and was enlightened by the power of scripture in so many aspects in my life. I still reference it today. Thank you Sylvia for this work of God.

  7. Mary Jo Sanchez

    The BEST book ever created on the subject. I’ve had mine since 1993. Our church in Mpls were selling them for $25.00 then. Now I have a newer one. Not much change in 27 years price wise. I like the new format. Much easier then the first. Sylvia you have been extremely anointed to write such a work for the body of Christ and I am so honored to have this in my library. Thank you .

  8. Ana Carolina

    I’ve turned to this book many times over the years. And I feel like in this new season in my life and in our country it’s become even more dear. I think this is a wonderful guide to pray with a group. Buy a few copies and pass them along to friends! : )

  9. anna wlasiuk


  10. Bettie Creech

    EXCELLENT. Every home needs one. I highly recommend it. I’ve had mine for many years.

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