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The Daily Study Guide is an interactive workbook that is a companion to Prayer Portions. The Daily Study Guide directs you through Prayer Portions in 12 weeks with five days of assignments for each week. Each day’s assignment is in two parts— a minimum requirement and an optional Going Further section. Do as much as you are led to do each day or as much as you have time for. It is flexible to meet the demands of your time.

Click Here for a Sample Lesson

If you are a new Christian, this helps lay a solid foundation for a lifetime of prayer. Begin your lifelong journey of communicating with your heavenly Father as the first option of your heart, not your last resort.

If you are a seasoned intercessor, the Daily Study Guide will energize and empower your prayers and encourage you to keep company with God.

You will be enriched and blessed by digging deeper into Prayer Portions with this Daily Study Guide on your own, but there is so much richness and encouragement in gathering a few like-hearted hungry seekers and sharing the joy of how God speaks and the fruits of prayers that glorify him.

Week 1    Praise
Week 2   Enjoying God As Abba
Week 3   Personal Repentance
Week 4   Corporate Repentance
Week 5   Warfare
Week 6   Controlling Spirits
Week 7   Victory In Warfare
Week 8   Characteristics Of Holy Intimacy
Week 9    In The Presence Of God
Week 10  Praying Effectively
Week 11  Praying For Specific People
Week 12  Praying For The World Around You


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