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Psalm 91 Blessing

Your life is lived in great spiritual warfare, but you are sheltered in the safe refuge of the Almighty. Be at home in the hiding place of Most High. Rest under His wings (1). He is the Lord, your refuge and fortress. You are defended by His faithfulness as your shield and defense (2).

Be blessed with security from satan’s snares and schemes (3). You have peace in El Shaddai. His promises are sure (4). God hears your heart’s cry. Be blessed to put into God’s hands the terrors in the dark and the arrows that attempt to destroy you by day (5-6).

Stand steadfast in your Commander of the Lord’s hosts. See that the battle is the Lord’s. No weapon formed against you will prosper (7-8). You have the Author and Finisher of faith in you to enable you to trust the unfailing protection of God Most High. He is your hope and trust, your true home (9).

Jesus in you stands against all hindrances. You have His name and the authority of His blood, His cross, His resurrection, and His ascension. He has already defeated the adversary you are facing. In His name you have victory (10). God is the Commander of the armies of heaven. He will command His angels to guard you. His angels will hold you up so you don’t stumble (11-12).

Jesus has already defeated every foe. You have nothing to fear. Stand as a covenant child of God Most High. Be bold, be free, and take your rightful authority in your protector (13).

God promises to rescue you because you love Him (14). He will pay attention to you and be with you in trouble. He promises to deliver you and give you the honor due you as the object of His strong care (15). His crowning promise is that He will fill you with the satisfaction of a full life and show you His victory. In Him you will be truly satisfied (16).

Taken from Sylvia Gunter’s book Blessings For Life: Words Of Hope And Healing. © Sylvia Gunter, 2017 Blessings For Life includes a biblical foundation of spirit, soul, and body and blessing the human spirit, 50 blessings for yourself and your family. Click here to learn more and order.

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Devotion Subjects: Blessings For Life, Fear, Protection

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