Green Eggs And I AM

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I have wondered if Jesus had come at a different time how he would have communicated with His children. The following is a result of two greats in my life coming together: God, the ultimate lover of my soul, and Dr. Seuss, who had a love of the simple things of life. If Dr. Seuss had written theology books, instead of classics such as Green Eggs and Ham, I think it would have gone a little something like this.

Green Eggs And I AM
My name?
I am I AM,
I AM I am.
I AM here,
I AM there,
I am I AM everywhere.
Father, Son, and Spirit are we.
We are one, but we are three.
I AM here,
I AM there,
I am I AM everywhere.
One in Three and Three in One,
Jesus is God, Jesus is Son.
Spirit’s Power, Father’s Plan,
Nail scars in the Son’s pierced hands.
“What,” you exclaim, “How can that be?”
Shhhh, my child, just rest in me.
I will not be put in a box.
I will not let you worship an ox.
I created it all-the family, the mountain, the tree-
We created it all, so you could grasp the “we.”
I will call you here and there,
And I will go with you everywhere.
I AM here,
I AM there.
I am I AM everywhere.
Confused, uncertain, and having doubt?
Give up now, you won’t figure it out.
Father, Son, and Spirit are we.
We are one, but we are three.
Adonai, Yahweh, Savior, Friend-
The aspects of me never end.
I will not be defined by just one name,
But I will love you just the same
So what should you do?
How should you react?
Learn enough truth to guard against attack.
Then let go of questions like “Why?”
And raise your voice in praise toward the sky.
Never to leave is my promise to you.
Stay focused, listen to me, and follow through.
Wherever I lead, wherever you go,
I’ll be there, too, just continue to grow.
I am I AM,
I AM I am
On a train
In the rain
In a box
With a fox
On a boat
With a goat
Anywhere, everywhere you may go,
I am I AM is all you need to know.

Elizabeth Gunter, from Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence, Vol. 1, p. 71-72, ©2000, by Sylvia Gunter

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