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Satisfy the Three-in-One

Have you ever thought about God’s heart being satisfied? Wouldn’t it be better to step up to breathe a sigh of desire for God to be satisfied, instead of just pleading for him to remove the “crisis du jour?”

In the holy place in the Old Testament where the priests ministered, the bread of the Presence was before the priests entered the holy place. The priests offered this bread to God for six days and they ate it on the seventh day. The ritual foreshadowed that this communion satisfies God, and it satisfies us. This bread represents for us our communion with triune God. Jesus is our living Bread. In liturgical church traditions, I am told that the priest may say in the communion service, “Feed on him in your hearts by faith.”

Our communion with him is first of all for his pleasure. Communion is an attitude of deep intimacy with God, focusing on taking in his Word and his presence by his Spirit with love and joy. God is delighted with our fellowship, and our enjoying his presence is a ministry to him. Listen to one of my favorite verses: “At that time the Lord set apart the tribe of Levi to carry the ark of the covenant of the Lord, to stand before the Lord to minister to him, and to pronounce blessings in his name, as they still do today” Deut 10:8. As New Testament priests we carry the Word of God and we minister to God, and from that overflow we bless in his name.

Thank you, Three-in One, that as we satisfy you, it leads to blessing others.

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