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Today the trend is to make verbs out of nouns, and they are everywhere. For example, we google things. A friend introduced me to a new word she entered into our Christian dictionary, a proper noun made into a verb: to Mueller.

Here’s the inspiration for the new word. George Mueller is one of my favorite heroes of the faith. In the 19th century he was an evangelist and ran an orphanage in Bristol, England. He cared for over 10,000 orphans in his lifetime. He established 117 schools which offered Christian education to over 120,000 children, many of whom were orphans. Mueller was well known for living by faith. He prayed, and God gave, it is said, more than $8 million over time. His confidence in God’s ability and willingness to answer prayer is legendary. He so believed in God’s ability to provide that he never made his needs known to others, only to God. For example, he and the orphans were gathered around the table for breakfast. They had no milk, so they began to pray. A knock came at the door. It was the milkman. He said that his milk wagon had broken down right outside the door and asked if they would like some milk. George Mueller said: “How the means are to come, I know not; but I know that God is almighty, that the hearts of all are in His hands, and that, if He pleaseth to influence persons, they will send help.”

So we can say that to “Mueller” means to live by faith in God in times of need and to pray and expect him to show up in awesome ways when you desperately need him to. To “Muller” means that prayer is Plan A, and there is no Plan B. To “Mueller” means to refuse to give up hope that it’s too late for a person or that a situation is too desperate. It means to know that God will be there and to rejoice in any difficulty.

How about this prayer strategy: Mueller it. Can you say, “Today I’m Muellering it for God. I will not panic. I’m not going to fret. It doesn’t matter how deep my needs seem, or how impossible the situation I’m facing. I’m going to Mueller it.”

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