Nearness to God

God is so big that the universe cannot contain Him and so personable that He delights in us as His children.

The iconic picture of a very young John F Kennedy Jr under the desk of President Kennedy in the oval office captures this so well. To “John John” it didn’t matter that his father was the most powerful man in the most powerful nation on earth. In that moment the little boy was just playing near his daddy.

Father, You are indeed Master, Sovereign, Judge, King, and so much more in Your roles in Your universe, but to us You are first of all “Abba, Papa.” Thank You that You created us to love as Your child and for us to love You. It’s that simple. Thank You that the greatest blessing is nearness to You and that You want us near You. You invite us to draw near to You for joy and peace in Your presence. You promise to hold us in Your everlasting loving arms. Thank You for being powerful enough to create the universe and personable enough to delight in us Your children playing at Your feet

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