God’s Thoughts

I have a poster with a quote by Albert Einstein: “I want to know God’s thoughts – the rest are mere details.”

As I pray, I may begin by asking God, “What are your thoughts? What do you want me to pray?” As I am musing on a problem, frequently the Holy Spirit may bring a verse to mind that exactly speaks the language of my heart. At other times in my normal reading of the Word, the Spirit seems to highlight a particular verse or passage.

My husband John says, “When you want to know what God says, look in the place where he said the most… the Bible.” For me, praying involves combining the Word with prayer. God speaks to me in my heart language through His Word. God etches a promise into my mind and heart. His promises frame my prayers and give my faith a ground to stand on. On the peg of promise my faith is anchored when the accuser assails me with doubts. In His Word my faith finds a resting place.

Later, when I think about the need for which I’ve prayed, I can also recall the promise God gave me. Giving thanks for the fulfillment of His Word strengthens my ability to continue trusting.

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