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Psalm 91 God’s Protecting Presence

If you had certainty and security that you could not be defeated, how would you live your life differently? Psalm 91 describes Biblical confidence and poise. In some Bibles, it is subtitled “The Security Of The One Who Trusts In The Lord.” The heart of it is the protected place of abiding safely in God, as we run to our covenant position of settling down under His defense, allowing Him to fight our battles for us.

Psalm 91 begins with relationship. God speaks of who He is. He is the Most High. He is the Almighty. He is our refuge and fortress.

After establishing who God is, the psalmist describes the work of the enemy. Spiritual warfare is not about fighting in our strength. It is about experiencing all the majesty and supremacy of God, who assures us that He is committed to defending us. Our part is to rest and trust in who He is.

Psalm 91 ends by returning to relationship. God’s commitment is based on His deep covenant love relationship with us, which the psalm affirms and celebrates in the closing verses. We can confidently claim His rest, refuge, protection, safety, covering, faithfulness, freedom from fear, angelic watchers, deliverance, and salvation based on our relationship with Him.

I have stood in Psalm 91 many times, defensively to plead God’s shield of protection and offensively to push back the adversary, for myself and others. It is particularly powerful when prayed out loud. God’s covenant promises in Psalm 91 are dear to His heart.

Take time to meditate on Psalm 91. Take it deep into your heart, spirit, and life-experience. Your circumstances may leave you feeling defeated. Take heart that God is the Almighty One and is doing more than you can see. You can live with confidence that you are on the winning side, regardless of your circumstances. Pray, “Most High God, my El Shaddai, teach me to be biblically fearless, based on my covenant love relationship with You.”

A personal paraphrase of Psalm 91 appears in Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence, Vol 1, page 209-211. © 2000 Sylvia Gunter. There are also reflections on Psalm 91 on pages 60-67 and 173-174 of Prayer Essentials For Living In His Presence, Vol 2. Available at

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An archive of past devotionals is available on the website.

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Devotion Subjects: Fear, Prayer Essentials Vol 1, Protection

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