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The front of the card is Psalm 91.  The back of the card says:

Psalm 91 is called the Soldier’s Psalm. We are told that in World War I, there was a brigade that recited Psalm 91 daily. As word got out, they were nicknamed the “91st Brigade” by other soldiers. This brigade engaged in three of the war’s bloodiest battles. Other units suffered  up to 90% casualties, but the “91st Brigade” did not suffer a single combat-related death. There are more recent stories of soldiers using Psalm 91 that we are unable to share for security reasons. God is willing and able to keep His words of covenant promise. Plead God’s Psalm 91 shield daily. Con?dently claim His rest, refuge, safety, covering, faithfulness, freedom from fear, angelic watchers, deliverance, and protection. Prayer is the War.  God’s Word is the Weapon.

This story and the text of Psalm 91 is printed on small laminated cards that fit easily into a shirt pocket or helmet liner. Send them to men and women for whom you are praying in the military, to law enforcement officers, and to those who love them and pray for them.

We have testimonies of God’s protection in the Gulf War using Psalm 91. Today there are units in the war in Iraq that are praying this together daily. We have 21st century proof of God’s protecting hand, giving his angels charge of precious lives in harm’s way.

Here’s one testimony. An Army mom was helping her son’s unit get ready to deploy. Because of what this unit does and where they would be, they were expecting extremely high casualties- 50% of the unit killed in action or severely injured. This praying mom gave the soldiers bandanas printed with Psalm 91 and made them promise to say this psalm every day.

During their deployment day after day both officers and soldiers gathered and prayed this psalm. The unit was attacked almost daily with IEDs, mortars, or snipers. Countless devices never detonated, mortars exploded nearby with no shrapnel injuries, and their humvees were ambushed with no harm. After almost a year in Iraq, all 150 soldiers came back, with not even an injury.

This story stands as testimony to the power of God’s protection. Plead God’s Psalm 91 shield daily. God is willing and able to keep his words of covenant promise.


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