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What Do You Want?

At times in the Scriptures when people came to Jesus, he would ask, “What do you want?” He didn’t ask because he didn’t know. He asked out of his love for each person and his desire for them to really get to the core of what they wanted from him.
God is asking each of us that same question. What do you really want? What does your spirit long to express?
Listen to the Word of God for you in James 1:17. “Every good and perfect gift is from above, coming down from the Father of the heavenly lights, who does not change like shifting shadows.”

Be blessed to know that your heavenly Father gives good gifts to his children. Your Father is asking you, “What do you want?” You can give him your true answer with no fear of rejection or ridicule. Be blessed with being thoroughly and totally alive and real in your answer.

“I want a place to see the sunrise and the sunset.”
“I want to feel the wind in a magnificent thunderstorm.”
“I want to see the stars at night so close that I could reach up and touch them.”
“I want to breathe free up high on a mountain and imagine I am soaring like an eagle.”
“I want to be caught up in the rush of a waterfall and be moved by its power and beauty.”

What do you want? Listen to your spirit. Maybe you will be blessed to hear,

“I want to learn to paint the colors I see inside.” They’re inspired by God’s throneroom.
“I want to dance, because motion is in my essence.” That’s God’s choreography.
“I want to play the music that moves my innermost depths.” That’s the harmony of the sound of heaven.
“I want to figure skate in perfect synchronization with a partner so that we two move as one.” That’s a picture of Christ and his bride.

Be blessed to reflect the One who is infinitely creative and share in the glory of his creation… the brilliant colors, the complexities of his designs, the varieties of his creatures, his thoughts that can’t be counted. Every moment is an opportunity for seeing his fingerprints.

Your spirit is finding its voice. You are expressing who God made you to be, so that you can come to embrace, understand, and accept his image living uniquely in you. Listen to what you hear when you ask, “What do you really want?” and pursue it. Honor all the gifts that God put in you, so they are released from deep within you with the power of divine grace operating in your whole being. Pursue the pure and holy expression of who you are.

Be blessed to line up and synchronize with the fullness of God’s expression in you, so that there is less struggle between spirit, soul, and body. Be blessed with life-giving clarity, alignment, congruence, and harmony. Be blessed as God is calling you up higher into all that pleases himself when he thinks of you.

Be blessed in the name of the Creative One who saw all that he had made and called it very good
(Genesis 1:31).

Based on You Are Blessed In The Name Of God, page 39, © Sylvia Gunter 2008. Click here to order An archive of past devotionals is available on the website.

Devotion Category: Blessing

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