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Healing Prayers For Hurting People

Come, Holy Spirit, into (my loved one’s) greatest need. Manifest the healing power of Jesus. Show (my loved one) You have forgiven his/her sins and are ready and have the power to heal his/her wounds. You are Jehovah-Rapha, the promise-keeping Healer. Let (my loved one) receive Your tender mercy in this time of need. In Your faithfulness, minister healing grace and love.

We bring (my loved one) under all the redeeming power of the blood of Jesus.
You are El Roi, God who sees these hurts, needs, and struggles. You have already made the Way of healing by the blood of Jesus. Heal all the woundings of childhood and more recently. Remove all the scars of rejection, shame, inferiority, guilt, fear, abuse, andĀ (my loved one) (ask God to reveal others). Heal and remove all the barriers and hindrances in (my loved one’s) life that are keeping (my loved one) from being all Jesus died to make them to be. We bring the life of (my loved one) to the cross. Apply all the work of redemptionĀ to (my loved one’s) life for the transforming life of Christ to become theirs. We pray that (my loved one) will take everything to the cross, so that they can accept themselves as the new person in Jesus that they are.

Spirit of truth, Your truth shall set (my loved one) free.
Bring the truth of Jesus to counter the lies that (my loved one) has believed and to dispel the darkness and confusion caused by giving in to the lies. (My loved one) needs a work of your Spirit, because no amount of talking or teaching about this need will be effective.

Minister to (my loved one) these precious truths, that…
I am free from sin by my Savior.
I am free not to respond to the sins of others.
I am free not to be condemned by the sins of others.
I am free to express all my feelings to Father-God, without condemnation, secure in knowing that Jesus understands the feeling of my infirmities.
I am free to have Your truth as my truth, Your mind as my mind, Your freedom as my freedom, Your grace as my grace, Your love as my love, Your strength as my strength, Your holiness as my holiness, Your steadfastness as my steadfastness, and all the fullness of Jesus made real in my life.
I am free to receive all the new life Jesus gives me in exchange for my old life.

We thank You for heavenly Intercessors.
Jesus is living in (my loved one) interceding. God the Holy Spirit is agreeing with these prayers according to the will of the Father, and God of all comfort and Father of mercies is answering the prayers of His Son. Thank You for this three-fold cord of agreement that (my loved one’s) soul is being healed according to all Your perfect love, grace, and peace.

Thank You for the healing presence of Jesus the Son, God the Father, and God the Spirit, who ministers comfort, restoration, hope, trust, and rest, so that (my loved one) can live victoriously in the life of Jesus at all times. May (my loved one) receive complete wholeness from You, as (my loved one) practices Your presence each day and fixes their eyes on Jesus. Thank You that You keep (my loved one) in perfect peace as their mind is stayed on You, when they are confident in You (Isa 26:3), that You have begun a good work and will perfect Your work for Your glory in their lives (Phi 1:6).

Taken from Prayer Portions, pg 291 Ā© Sylvia Gunter, 1991, 1995

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Devotion Category: Prayer

Devotion Subjects: Healing, Prayer Portions

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