God’s Abundant Blessings, Part 1

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Listen to God’s Word to you in Mark 10:16. “He took the children in his arms, put his hands on them and blessed them.” As a beloved child of God, receive these blessings from His abundant blessings for you.

Be blessed with spiritual blessing  Ephesians 1:3-6

You have been “blessed in the heavenly places with every spiritual blessing inyour Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. He chose you in him before the creation of the world to be holy and blameless in his sight. In love he predestined you to be adopted as his child through Christ Jesus, according to his pleasure and will- to the praise of the glory of his grace” (Eph 1:3-6). God is calling you into sweeter fellowship with Himself. He wants you to know Him better, to love Him more, and to worship Him more whole-heartedly. The truth of His Word is alive to you. He opens His Word to you and feeds you fresh manna every day. Be blessed as He leads you to set your will to follow Him fully, to stand strong in Him, and to be single-minded in seeking Him. Be blessed as He establishes you to live in His Spirit in deeper ways. Be blessed as He calls you beyond obedience and duty into the delight of friendship with Him and desire to honor Him in all you are and all you do.

Be blessed with emotional blessing  2 Corinthians 7:6

Your God of all comfort is giving you His tender consolation, as He comforts you (2 Cor 7:6). You are blessed as He surrounds you with His covenant mercy, compassion, and grace. He causes you to feel His love. His Spirit produces peace and joy and hope in Him that goes beyond your circumstances. God will show you any hindrance that is holding you back. By the blood of Jesus, He will dissolve the hurts, wounds, and unforgiveness that erect walls in parts of your heart. He puts the cross of Jesus between you and anything that has laid scars across your soul. Be blessed in His healing touch, as you trust Him and give yourself into the nail-pierced hands of Jesus.

Be blessed with mental blessing  Romans 12:2

Be blessed with a transformation and renewed mind, so that you discern and approve God’s good, pleasing, and perfect will (Rom 12:2). Receive God’s refining, so that only pure thoughts and words remain. Receive His cleansing and truth to counter the lies you have believed. Be blessed as you hear His voice and receive His wisdom and revelation. Receive new meditations and praises in your heart and new words of life in your mouth. Listen for His practical guidance each day in His Word and by His Spirit. Be blessed in His promises to keep you one step at a time on the path He has marked out for you. Be blessed to know with confidence that when you can’t see His hand, you can trust His heart.

Be blessed in the name of the One from whom all blessing flows.

Based on You Are Blessed In The Name Of God, page 134, © Sylvia Gunter 2008. Available from www.thefathersbusiness.com An archive of past devotionals is available on the website.

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