You Are The Beloved

The truth of your life is that God our Father sees you as a precious one. He welcomes you to exist. God celebrates your existence. Know that you are infinitely loved. There is no burden on you to prove you are worthy of being loved, of being heard, of being respected, honored, and given dignity. Your life is an unceasing “yes” to the truth that you are beloved because of God’s great love. In him you deserve to be valued. On you his favor rests.

Your spirit connection with your Father matters. True legitimacy comes from the One who chose you with everlasting love. Hear the kind voice of your Father speaking to you in the core of your essence, “You are my beloved. You are accepted in my Beloved Son” (Eph. 1:6 NKJV). You are chosen. I called you by name from the very beginning. You belong to me, and I know you as my own, and I am yours. I carved you in the palms of my Son. I hold you in my embrace. You have my infinite tenderness, and I care for you intimately. I have counted every hair on your head, and wherever you go, I go with you. Wherever you are, I am. Wherever you rest, I keep watch. I will never hide my face from you. Nothing will ever separate us. Live your life as my redeemed beloved. You can find true inner freedom ever more fully.”

Say “Yes” to your belovedness, your significance, your worth, and your belonging. His “Yes” is engraved on your heart. Rise up in Christ to your full stature and discover how to fulfill your deepest essence of who you are, beloved in God your Father and kept in his Son by his Holy Spirit.

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