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Blessings from Safe in the Father’s Heart (Audio CD)

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Most of the chapters in Safe In The Father’s Heart end with a prayer or blessings.  We are excited to release those 15 prayers and blessings in an audio format.  These blessings are read by Richard Abernethy. Richard is a member of the board for The Father’s Business, a loving father, and devoted grandfather to his adorable grandchildren. These blessing are read from Richard’s father heart that longs for everyone to know God as a loving Father.

Length – 43 minutes

Sample Track


1. Blessing Of Identity
2. Blessing Of Your Heavenly Father
3. Portrait Of Your Heavenly Father
4. Be Blessed As A Child In Your Father’s Heart
5. Prayer Of Forgiveness
6. Be Blessed With God’s Healing
7. Blessing Of Your Belovedness
8. Blessing Of Trust And Healing
9. Blessing Of Your Father’s Love
10. Shield Of Trust Prayer
11. Be Blessed With Your Father’s Favor
12. Be Blessed, Beloved Child
13. Love Letter From Your Father
14. You Are Blessed With The Seal Of His Pleasure
15. You Are Blessed To Be A Blessing

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